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Luminari is a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit founded to foster activities that broaden minds, inspire innovation and promote community engagement.  Our mission is accomplished through four inspirational camps:

I Want to be an Ambassador! is a seven-day summer camp (taking place in Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C.) designed to help teens master the skills of a successful Ambassador…especially the vital art of diplomacy.  It is the only summer camp of its kind in Western Pennsylvania, making it a unique and significant offering to help youth develop the life skills crucial to success including solving problems at a grass-roots level.

ambassadorfeaturepage-784x408Who says public speaking can’t be fun?  Not the team at camp Speak and Tell!  The four-day Camp Speak and Tell! l helps teens develop the thinking and speaking skills, as well as the relaxation tools, to take control of their time in front of an audience.  Through master classes with professional broadcasters, performers and communications trainers, the campers will learn the specific skills needed to command an audience.

public speaking campForget flat, one-dimensional fiction and give your readers a story that will stick with them long after they finish the last page.  Teen Writer: Fantastic Fiction! is the perfect place to learn how to take your writing from just fine to fabulous.  Taught by a published author, Teen Writer: Fantastic Fiction! is an exhilarating four-day camp that stimulates creativity and refines critical thinking to make fiction come alive for the reader.  Our writers take to the streets and tour exciting sites around them to stir their imaginations!

teen writing campcampdeliciousfeaturepage2-784x408Camp Delicious! is a mouth-watering camp to inspire budding culinary artists.  Students learn all about delicious food- preparing it, serving it, and most of all, eating it! During the five days of camp, teens will gain new skills and confidence to create meals, discover new flavors and gain independence in the kitchen.  Under the guidance of some of Pittsburgh’s most notable chefs, campers will learn how to turn nature’s raw ingredients into flavorful meals that appeal to all the senses.

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