Odyssey Teen Camp

Odyssey Teen Camp, a sleep-away camp in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, offers a safe, judgment-free summer home for teenagers to blossom and have fun.

Many teens with social anxiety have found a healing community at camp where they are loved and supported exactly as they are. Odyssey is welcoming to teenagers of all genders and boasts a diverse enrollment with a large LGBTQ+ community and many gender creative teenagers. Odyssey helps all teens feel more confident, make new friends, try new things and enjoy camp on their own terms.

Odyssey Teen Camp teens walking through a field holding hands at summer camp‘Camp Kids’ thrive at Odyssey

Many teenagers who may not see themselves as typical ‘camp kids’ thrive at Odyssey, with its welcoming community and diverse choices of activities. Leanna, a 17-year-old camper, says, “Like any teenager going to camp for the first time, saying I was hesitant to go would be an understatement. Little did I know that pushing through that initial fear would benefit me for years to come.”

Design their own schedule

Teens design their own schedule each day, choosing from over fifty activities. Typical camp activities like art, dance, sports, music, nature, swimming, and boating are offered in addition to unique Odyssey activities like firewalking, trance dance, discussion groups, hip-hop appreciation, sacred geometry, political discussion groups, tarot, henna, and more.

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Current Odyssey counselor and former camper Venice describes camp as a “choose your own adventure… The goal of camp is for everyone to have fun and do things that make them happy which is kind of a rarity for teenagers. So [Odyssey] is one of the best places in the world.”

Adam Simon founded Odyssey Teen Camp eighteen years ago to provide teenagers with a summer home where they would feel included, honored, and safe. Each summer, 200 teenagers ages 12-18 come together with fifty counselors to create a fun, vibrant, and healing community for one another. 

At the beautiful location in the Berkshires, campers can relax, try new things, and have more fun than they have had in a long time. Campers can choose one, two, three, and four week sessions. 

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