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Kids can cook too! At iCook, we believe that a healthy variety of foods equals a healthy life.  We want to teach kids that not only is healthy food good for your body, but it can also be delicious and fun to make. Our recipes tend to be easy and colorful using mostly fresh ingredients. We provide recipes, cooking tips, and talking points to create recipe sharing and learning at home easier and more fun.  And because we want every student to love the food, our focus is on “slightly healthier” balanced recipes, with treats here and there. That’s why we try to abide by the motto: “Everything in moderation, even moderation.”

From online drop-in classes to fun summer camps, we have different programs to fit your busy schedule. In the past, we have held classes ranging from topics on making foods from around the world to learning about and using superfoods in recipes.

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We encourage kids to take the lead in the kitchen and find the fun in making their very own dishes! Kids will learn lifelong culinary skills, the value of nutrition, and the culture of foods from around the world.

iCook After School founders Olga Davis and Lesya Merena share a core belief: the passion for healthy foods should be cultivated at an early age. We wanted to give kids the option to try and experience a variety of foods through an after-school program that is easy for parents, principals, and kids to appreciate and enjoy. We are now offering virtual classes to meet the needs of the growing demand for online programs that keep our children safe and healthy but also engaged in developing crucial skills for the future.

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