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Audience of One Youth Theater (Ao1) is a music theater company committed to developing character, integrity, teamwork, and leadership in our youth through the theatrical and art experience.

These skills will enable them to succeed and joyfully serve their community

audience of one theatreAudience of One Youth Theater Mission Statement

  • To offer children ages 5 to 18 the opportunity to participate in theatrical and visual arts at every level of skill and experience. (SHINE)
  • To embrace all families regardless of race or religion (SHINE)
  • To provide a positive and uplifting environment that enable directors and teachers to grow and develop the skills and talents each chill has been blessed with by God. (SHINE)
  • To develop character and leadership skills that our children will be able to carry with them for a lifetime. (LEAD)
  • To maintain a culture of service, demonstrated not only toward each other but also through outreach to our communities. (SERVE)
  • To provide a safe, supportive environment where families can love and encourage each other through volunteer service and fellowship. (SERVE)
  • “We offer full-scale productions for ages 5-18 as well as fun day camps for all ages with extended care”.

audience of one theatreAudience of One Youth Theater Goals & Objectives

  • Develop children’s gifts and talents.
  • Uplift and inspire children.
  • Encourage families to serve others.
  • Lead with integrity.
  • Be a shining light to glorify God.

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