What Makes The Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs So Special?

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What do you think of when it comes to summer? When you close your eyes and think back to your perfect summer experience, what comes to mind? Is it spending all day in the woods at a traditional camp?

Is it hanging out at home with friends with no commitments or schedules? Or maybe it’s spending the whole day inside a classroom. Our guess is it’s not the last option. People don’t typically think of a classroom when they think of summer, but at Julian Krinsky Camps we couldn’t disagree more! At JKCP we know a classroom can be fun, engaging and also so much more than what you would typically experience in a “traditional” classroom.


At Haverford College where Julian Krinsky Camps middle school enrichment summer program is held each summer, students get to experience all the benefits Haverford has to offer. From using the photography rooms to the studio for the DJ class to exploring the arboretum campus, summer camp students get to experience all this on a safe and beautiful campus.

The main myth we want to debunk: being in a classroom in the summer is boring. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Here are 10 reasons why the classrooms at JKCP summer camps are something kids love and want to return to every summer!


Summer should be a break from school and the stress that many students experience. There are no tests or requirements. This doesn’t mean that learning isn’t happening. Oftentimes, the lack of rigorous schedules helps ignite a passion for a subject instead of making students feel overwhelmed.

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Collaborative Learning

Students can learn so much more effectively when they work together. Instead of sitting and staring at a desk to memorize facts, we like to make sure kids are working together on projects. Students are allowed to create, invent and work together with their new friends. I mean, is there a better way to learn physics than by building a roller coaster with your new friends at camp?

Experienced Teachers 

We want children to enjoy learning and in order to do that our number one priority is to find teachers who can make that happen. Finding teachers who have a passion for the subject matter is so important when we look for the right kind of teachers.

Our teachers are experts in their field and they are also school teachers or have worked with young kids. Whether it’s a professional chef teaching about healthy cooking or an art teacher inspiring student’s creativity, you can tell it’s successful when students are learning and they don’t even realize it.

Small Class Size

When students feel like their ideas are heard, their questions are answered, and their struggles are handled with compassion, frustration tends to leave the classroom.

If a student thought they might be uninterested in the subject matter or doesn’t like it because they are struggling, small classes make it easier for teachers to help the students and adapt the course for the students each week. Science might not be your child’s favorite class at school, but it just might be if it includes Explosive Experiments!

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Student-generated Ideas 

In smaller class sizes it’s much easier for teachers to get to know students quickly and find out what interests them about the subject. When students come up with new project ideas or ways to make them unique this helps them get excited.

That’s why a class like photography can be engaging to each student; each student can have input into what kind of projects would be of most interest to them.

Customizable Curriculum 

“If there are new students each week, will my child be able to take the same class multiple weeks in a row?” This is one of the most common questions we get asked and the answer is definitely yes! The great thing about small classes and passionate teachers means they can adjust the curriculum each and every week depending on who is in the class.

So if a child wants to take robotics for four weeks, by the fourth week they can be building more advanced robots and be getting one-on-one help as they go – even if another student is taking the class for the first time.

jkcp 1Stepping Out of the Classroom

One of the best parts about our middle school classes being held at Haverford College is the beautiful campus, and don’t think we wouldn’t utilize that to expand our classroom experience!

Sometimes the art students go outside for projects or the science class will go out to launch a rocket. If the weather is beautiful, our teachers and students definitely get to take advantage of the amazing campus.

Comfortable and Cool Atmosphere 

Even if your class is inside the whole time, let’s be honest, sometimes it’s nice to just be inside in the summer. When it’s 100 degrees outside many students enjoy the break to sit in an air-conditioned classroom.


One of the student’s favorite parts of JKCP is that they get to choose what classes to take and they can mix it up each week! If they want to get outside and do tennis or soccer in the morning and then try something new like Hovercraft Engineering in the afternoon they can do that! Each week students choose one morning class and one afternoon class and it can change each week. This really is the place for discovering something new.

Interesting Subjects 

Each year JKCP adds new classes based on what students are interested in. Some classes like cooking and tennis have been around for decades because there is always a huge interest in them. But classes like Esports, App Development, and Filmmaking are classes that have been added as students express an interest in them. Students really are the architects of their summer at Xploration.

About Xploration Summer Camp for Middle Schoolers

JKCP’s summer camp for middle schoolers is designed to help students find something they love. There are over 30 classes students can choose from each week. You can combine science and fashion, art and soccer, robotics and coding, cooking and DJ or choose from dozens of other combinations. Students can explore new subjects or dive deep into something they already love; the options are unlimited!

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