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A Typical Day at The Robot Garage

Campers work in age-appropriate groups throughout the week to complete a presentation for their families on Friday afternoon.  Daily workshops are designed to balance computer coding and physical building of mechanical projects, often robotic.  Projects are based on hands-on learning, focus on fun and “aha” moments, and align with NGSS (National Science Standards).

Camp Themes

Our summer robotics camps are second to none. Why? A few reasons. We design new curriculum, in-house every year…none of those mail-order kits that get re-used again and again. We support all STEM areas, but we don’t cover most of them. Instead, we focus 24/7 on engineering, coding, and robotics.

Because of this focus, we have a far more robust supply of materials (computers, Lego Technic, robots, gears, motors) than anyone out there. And most importantly, it’s about the people. We interview more than 200 people each year to select a core summer staff of counselors. We recruit from some of the best engineering schools, and have about half our staff returning from the previous summer. Our very special summer team loves working with kids, loves technology, and has the skills to answer questions and nurture exploration in a personalized setting.  

Daniel Kimura, VP of The Robot Garage, oversees our camps and brings with him, FIRST robotics expertise including 3 world championships, and the role of co-host on Robozone TV.  His knowledge of both electrical and mechanical engineering combined with his uncanny ability to relate to kids as he oversees the development of our camp curriculum and camp team each year.  

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One year, our camp themes at The Robot Garage were designed to offer deep dives into coding and engineering for that child who may become an engineer one day, as well as those children who will not.  We believe that every child needs to understand these fundamentals if they are to succeed in an increasingly technological world. Our camps focus on hands-on learning that engages all kids and makes these skills fun and accessible to all.

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