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It’s never too late to start a New Year’s Resolution. In fact, how about you add “take an art class” to your list? The Winter session is almost upon us at the Brookline Arts Center! Not to worry, there are still open spots left! From ceramics to jewelry-making, to paint and printmaking, the BAC has something for everyone! Register today!

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Camp Telaphiba hosts hundreds of dancers from all across the country every year. And every year, as a camp owner, I have had parents express their concern and question whether or not their children were ready to come to camp, to be away from home. The question arises because parents want their children to have fun, to grow, to be safe and outside of their walls at home, they are not too sure how their children will do. The concern comes from a place of love and protection, of course.


Years ago, I met 14 year old Josie. I noticed her in the check-in line at Camp registration right away. She seemed reserved and nervous. I could see that she was hovering close to her mom’s side even as a teenager while the room was bubbling with energetic hugs and squeals from other dancers her age reuniting with camp friends from prior years.

I wanted to make her feel welcome and comfortable so I approached her family in a way that I thought might ease her into camp. “Hi! I’m Lisa and I am the Bringer of Fun here at Camp. I would love to meet you! What is your name?” to which she practically whispered “I’m Josie”. I tried to engage her a bit more without seeming too eager or scary 🙂 as the line moved her closer to check in. As I handed her off to the registration staff, I knew she was going to be on my radar to ensure she had a good time for the rest of camp.

Throughout the first couple of days at camp, I saw that she would take classes and participate in activities at the back of the room or group, just on the fringe, outside the “mass group”. She didn’t talk much to others but did engage when others approached her. A few girls made it their mission to have meals with her as naturally happens for kiddos who are a little more shy than others with those not so shy. She didn’t say “no” to that effort but her energy and enthusiasm didn’t seem to change too much.

Now, I want everyone to love camp as much as I do so I continued to pay attention to Josie, checking in with her intermittently, as did other staff and campers.

learn more about camps with friendsThen, she came to me on Day 4 of the 5 day camp and asked “Miss Lisa, can I please call my mom?” Of course, I immediately helped her to do so and once she was done talking to her, I got the chance to chat with mom. “Josie would like to come home so I will be coming to get her later today.” her mom kindly said and although I felt defeated, I went to helping Josie to pack up…

Later that afternoon, mom arrived and just as I was going to get Josie and her things to escort her to mom, she stopped me with tears in her eyes, “Lisa, what you all have done here at this camp is nothing short of incredible. When I brought Josie here I waited in the parking area for four hours before driving off because I was sure Josie would want to come back home. I waited every day for her to call as she has had a really difficult time at school, making friends, and feeling comfortable in environments outside of home. We knew this camp experience was just going to be a test of how she could try something new and hard and we were totally fine with it being a super small win if even for a few hours. She made it 4 days!! Our family is forever grateful for you helping her to overcome her fears, her anxieties and for helping her gain confidence and independence in the face of challenges outside of her control.”

I was speechless. A week or so later, I got an email from Josie’s mom that said Josie said that Camp Telaphiba was one of her favorite experiences and that she would love to come back to try to stay the entire time the next summer.


I think of Josie every time a concerned parent asks me about how to know if their child is ready for camp. I think about how much Josie grew without me even realizing that was happening every single hour of every single day she was with us.

I believe that children can do amazing things that we, as parents, might not even realize. I also believe that it is our job as teachers, camp counselors and parents to help children gain independence in any way that we can even if that might not be comfortable for us. Right, moms?

I have seen so many children overcome homesickness, anxiety, and fear in so many ways at camp. It might be trying a new dance move, talking to someone they didn’t know before, going on a rollercoaster, or eating a new food.

I see resilience, perseverance, independence and confidence all manifest in every camper of every camp in the incredibly short time while they are with us at camp. It is unlike anything I see in the world in the other months of the year when we aren’t at camp. I think this happens for a few reasons.

Camp provides a new environment where kids have the ability to grow outside of their homes.

Camp doesn’t have mom or dad within arm’s reach to help them.

Camp does have loving, supportive staff who can help at any time.

Camp has a very positive, fun environment.

Camp is full of kids “doing this for the first time”.

Camp has a “We are all in this together” feel that can’t really be explained.


I guess what I am really reflecting on and trying to share with any parents who aren’t sure if their child is ready for camp, consider this…..

Overcoming setbacks and challenges is where campers and humans, in general, can feel most successful. If your child has expressed interest in coming to camp, in any way, tiny or large, they are probably ready. Ready as they will ever be and we are here to help them be successful. We have years of experience doing so. Just ask Josie and her family and all of the other families that have come since then.

Let your child GROW their independence and confidence in our safe environment here at Camp Telaphiba. We will support them when they are a little homesick, when they are not quite getting a move, or are nervous about an activity, and when they don’t know how to talk to a new friend.

We hope you will have faith in them to try to do this. This love and support, from you, as parents, looks different at different ages obviously but I do believe that helping children to grow their own character will benefit them their entire lives in all different life situations.

Here, at Camp T, our mission is to provide a unique summer dance experience and what better way to do that than to help them gain independence and confidence away from the loving arms of their parents with role models and teachers who really care about them and their growth as people who encourage them and their perseverance when the going gets tough.

If you have any questions about how to get your child to camp with us, please don’t hesitate to call (720) 580-2267 or email us at We can help!

Contact: Camp Telaphiba

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Kids Online Interactive Coding Classes : Young Gates

young gates logo / banner

Kids Online Interactive Coding Classes : Young Gates

The students in the age group 5 – 18 years and their parents will be excited to know that now they can access the various computer science related educational programs provided online by Young Gates. Young Gates online programming classes are known for their superb quality and can be accessed from any location.

The curriculum is prepared by a group of experts from different fields has made these programs unique in quality. Young Gates covers various topics under computer science such as Scratch, Python, Java , Data Science, Android Apps, Website development, Games Development and more enabling kids to learn different types of programming.  Since developing the programming skills of students is not included in the curriculum of most schools, the kids as well as their parents can take maximum advantage of the online Programming Classes offered by them.

Young Gates launched its official website in the year 2016. Learners can access the Programming Classes schedule through . It was the initiative of Gaurika Gupta, founder of Young Gates to enable kids to learn computer programming wherever they are by providing them online facilities to learn and practice coding. In addition to Kids’ Online Coding lessons and Programming Classes, they also conduct camps/workshops during holidays at various locations in bay area. 

learn more about camps with friendsKids as well as beginners are likely to find learning the coding curve a difficult task. However, kids will easily understand and learn coding faster when the lessons are provided at their level. After completing a few concepts together if they are given the exercises, they will complete them with interest and enthusiasm.

“Young Gates” is offering kids online coding lessons that are the best for kids in the age group 5 – 18 years to learn and practice coding. They provide the best as well as easiest ways to learn different coding languages like Python, Java. The learners can choose the lessons which will serve their purpose. The instructors can be contacted whenever there are problems or when the learners want to clear their doubts.

The programming lessons provided by “Young Gates” are quite easy to understand as well as practice and the tasks keep the kids motivated throughout. “Young Gates” offer programming classes on specific programming languages and the learners can select the language of their choice. The lessons provided by “Young Gates” clearly explain the working method of each language and the learners can practice the language by doing various tasks that are basic in nature. Once they are thorough with the basics they can opt for bigger as well as more complicated projects.

Today coding skills are vital for everyone for success as well as advancement in their career. Today, employers give maximum preference to candidates with proven coding skills. Parents need not worry about non-inclusion of computer programming in school syllabus because now their kids can access the online programming classes provided by Young Gates and develop coding skills in their own way. As a result of acquiring coding skills the learners automatically improve their communicative as well as problem solving skills. 

Parents are free to contact Young Gates by sending email or talking over the phone and take necessary steps to enroll their children for the online computer programming related classes of their choice.

Contact:  Young Gates

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