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Camp Regis Applejack is a family-owned and operated co-ed, overnight and day camp in upstate New York. Founded in 1946 on the Quaker beliefs of community, acceptance, and respect of nature, Camp Regis Applejack gives children an education that lasts a lifetime.

We are located on nearly a mile of lakefront property which allows for various waterfront activities, while our location in the Adirondack National Park allows for some amazing wilderness trips. Our campers enjoy a variety of activities from our six main departments: Arts & Crafts, Athletics, Birch Lodge, Nature, Performing Arts, and Waterfront.

Campers follow a set daily schedule, with the exception of special programs, that have them participating in at least four different activities throughout a single day.

We also encourage our campers to learn as much as possible, whether it be learning a new skill, or, a less apparent, development of a soft skill such as teamwork. We are a non-competitive camp and prefer to participate in friendly matches that strengthen our camper’s proficiency.

On top of our various on-property activities campers also enjoy overnight camping trips in the Adirondack National Park, trips to the local county fair, and multiple trips to the region’s favorite homemade ice cream parlor Donnelly’s.

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We are also excited to announce that as of 2020 we are adding new immersive programs in ecology, sustainability, and conservation. Our aim is to show our campers how they can help sustain and give back to the earth through fun and manageable tasks.

Camp Regis Applejack was founded by Earl and Pauline Humes after WWII, the Humes’ aimed to create a summer camp for everyone regardless of their race, ethnicity, or religion. The most notable story from the first summer of Camp Regis Applejack was an Austrian duchess sharing a bunk with a concentration camp survivor who had nothing to her name.

We continue this philosophy of acceptance and integration for everyone no matter their background. The Humes’ son, Michael Humes, is the current CEO of Camp Regis Applejack with alumnus Will Bettmann as the Director and Mr. Humes’ daughter Emily Yancey as the Associate Director.

Camp Regis Applejack is celebrating it’s 75th Anniversary this upcoming summer.

Contact: Camp Regis Applejack

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Dance Ten Studio

Pam Rossi’s Dance Ten has been teaching students dance and theater for 28 years.

Our dance and arts program teaches 3 years to adults in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Pointe, Tumbling, and Musical Theater.

Our studio has a wide variety of opportunities for dancers to perform.  We have award-winning dance companies that perform all over Central and Southern California.

Some of our students have gone on to dance with professional dance companies all over the world as well as commercials, videos, movies, and television.

We offer a fun and wonderful learning Princess Dance Camp in the summer for ages 4-9 years. Our summer dance program consists of our regular dance classes, workshops, and guest choreographers. We have something for everyone.

Our studio is the home of Moorpark Civic Ballet where a full Nutcracker ballet is rehearsed every year.  Moorpark Civic Ballet put on a full production that is performed every year in a local theater.

You will love our studio. This is a fantastic place to learn, build confidence and build friendships.

Contact: Dance Ten Studio

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Kenwal Day Camp | A fun Filled Safe Summer

Kenwal day Camp image kids playing in bubbles

Kenwal Day Camp is a family-owned traditional day camp where their main goal is to create a fun, safe environment in which ALL campers thrive.  Their programs are supervised by teachers and college students, ensuring exciting, adventurous, fun-filled days.  Continue reading “Kenwal Day Camp | A fun Filled Safe Summer”

Camp Lantern Creek

camp lantern creek

Camp Lantern Creek logo

Picture this: A young girl walks into summer camp for the first time not knowing what to expect. She’s scared, nervous and feels homesick. Most of the time, she’s the quiet girl who lacks the confidence to participate in the fun activities that her fellow campers take part in every day.

camp lantern creek theaterUntil the camp talent show, Piccadilly! It’s her time to show off her talent to the crowd and she suddenly sings her heart out. Everyone cheers and roots for her for taking her first step towards facing her fears! Magic like this happens at Camp Lantern Creek every day. CLC is about taking risks and embracing your best self!

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Summer camp is a place to grow, learn, and to take part in an experience unlike any other! It is a unique place that campers look forward to every summer and where campers leave feeling wiser and stronger. Camp Lantern Creek is a unique world for many young girls that leaves them feeling more empowered than ever!

Children and young adults are placed in the care of counselors who teach them lessons that they can take with them for the rest of their lives. Researchers have concluded that summer camp has many benefits. A passage from the American Camp Association website states, “Summer camp programs provide structured, extracurricular activities where youth are engaged with friends and have adult emotional support.

96 percent of campers surveyed reported having made new friends, 92 percent said that camp staff helped them improve their self-worth, and 74 percent said camp allowed them to try things they were previously hesitant to do.”

Parents, don’t hesitate to send your girls to CLC. They will always look back on camp fondly and there is no price tag that you can put on the joy that camp brings. Finding a camp home for your daughter can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you set foot on the campground that you and your daughter are interested in, you’ll just know when it’s “the one.” Also, ensuring that your camp of choice is ACA accredited by the American Camp Association is a must to make sure that the camp is a safe environment for your daughter. Girls only get one childhood and CLC can be a special part of theirs that they’ll cherish forever.

Camp Lantern Creek’s Camp Director, Sunni Markowitz says, “Camp is such a gift to a child because they learn to thrive in different environments, meet different people and learn to depend on themselves. Personally, as a parent, there’s no better gift than having your children learn to rely on themselves.”

Contact: Camp Lantern Creek

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