The Ultimate Fine Arts Experience at Long Lake Camp for the Arts

Long Lake Camp for the Arts transcends the typical summer camp experience to become an extraordinary sanctuary of creativity, self-expression, and individual growth within the natural wonder of the Adirondacks. Each child’s artistic narrative is not only embraced but also celebrated every day of the summer.

Recognizing the unique creative spirit in every child, Long Lake cherishes this individuality by providing a 100% customizable schedule. This allows burgeoning artists to weave their own vibrant summer story, from the bold strokes of painting to the dramatic flourishes of the stage.

Long Lake asserts itself as more than a mere arts camp—it’s a microcosm of diversity and creativity, a place that rallies behind each camper, urging them to find their unique voice in a safe and inclusive environment. It skillfully merges rigorous artistic education with exhilarating outdoor activities, striking an ideal balance for a fulfilling and joyous summer.

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The enchantment of Long Lake Camp lies in its lasting impact: the fundamental life skills honed through the arts, the enduring friendships kindled, and the priceless memories etched into each camper’s life. It’s a haven where music, drama, and visual arts come together in an exquisite celebration of youth creativity and empowerment.

Envision a summer that propels your child into a journey of self-discovery and growth. At Long Lake Camp for the Arts, such dreams animate with vivid colors, friendship, and a panorama of creative exploration.

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