One River School of Art + Design

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One of the greatest things about growing One River is the opportunity to provide ambitious career opportunities for people who have a passion for the arts. Today, One River employs almost 150 full and part-time professionals nationally and by the end of 2019, that number will more than double.

In some ways, we are an oxymoron…entrepreneurial business in the arts??? Most often these two terms don’t go together. And yet, the more we grew the more I find people who are passionate about the arts, passionate about community, passionate about teaching, passionate about helping others AND passionate about building something.

one river school of art and design

As we grow, my goal of creating self-sustaining, transformative art schools is completely tied to the quality of the people we find and how effective we are at growing and leading them. We are opening a dozen new schools in the next year and I would be grateful if you shared anyone that you think can help us in school management, education, marketing, promotion or any other area.

Our goal is to be the “best place to work in the arts” and I am proud to say that we are on our way.

Matt Ross

One River School of Art + Design, in Frisco, is on a mission to deliver world-class art education to students of all ages. The New York Times notes this highly innovative approach to art education will create “the next generation of Basquiat’s and Warhols.” One River provides suburban kids and adults with the kind of exceptional, creative learning experiences that are typically only available in major cities.

Established in 2012, One River School of Art + Design uses proprietary teaching methods, world-class instructors, and interactive processes to deliver art experiences that “change people’s lives” according to Founder and CEO, Matt Ross. One River also presents exhibitions from emerging artists as part of its commitment to be the voice of contemporary art in its communities.


Who can take art classes?

Anyone can take art classes! One River teaches all ages and skill levels from Pre-k to adults. Our world-class teachers work with you one-on-one in a class setting.
Please visit our website: One River Art School Frisco