Camp Young Judaea Sprout Lake

Camp Young Judaea Sprout Lake is a co-ed Jewish overnight camp for children in grades 2-8. Located in upstate New York’s beautiful Hudson River Valley, we offer an elective-based program featuring horse-back riding, basketball, cooking, soccer, ceramics, music, softball, swimming, street hockey, archery, nature, drama, field trips, tennis, video production, a climbing tower, a petting zoo, a high ropes course, and so much more.

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In The City Camps

Camp Creates Community.
Through In The City Camps, your whole family can make meaningful connections in your backyard.

Let’s face it, 2020 has been rough! Children have experienced many losses in 2020 driven by school activities, playdates, and camps were canceled. Their routines were disrupted, their spirituality has been dented, and their ability to just be kids was damaged. Children need camp this summer more than ever.

In The City Camps is an immersive day camp that mirrors the experiences and community of overnight camp. Day camps like ours also:

  • provide formative experiences by enabling a cycle of positive growth and support for children.
  • build the foundation for successful away-from-home experiences of longer duration for children.
  • provide the camp experience for children either too young or too anxious to leave home, or for families who cannot afford overnight camp.
  • impact campers from all types of Jewish backgrounds and shape their Jewish journeys.
  • have the ability to encourage family involvement and shared communal values.

Why choose In The City Camps? We are a day camp with an overnight camp feel!

  • Our culturally Jewish, values-based experience builds deep connections with other Jewish children in the community and fits with all family backgrounds. They also gain an understanding of what it means to show kindness, respect, and joy.
  • Our choice-based activity options promote independence among campers, allow them to try new things, and build 21st Century skills (collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication).
  • Our welcoming environment and amazing staff help every camper feel at home and make friends. We are inclusive of all learning and personality types. Campers who need a little quiet time can take a break while the ones who crave excitement can be on the zipline.
  • Our commitment to safety – physical and emotional – is our No. 1 priority. We work with experts to implement COVID-precaution and security measures, counselors practice empathetic listening, and we know where each camper is throughout the day.

In The City Camps will be running camp in two locations this summer and we can’t wait to see all of our smiling campers’ faces! Learn more at

Contact: In The City Camps

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