Cottonwood Gulch | Southwest Outdoor Education

As our line of two vans and a commissary truck pulled over the last hill toward the Gila National Forest, the sun cast an incredible glow on the forest of piñon and ponderosa below us—This is what makes Cottonwood Gulch such a special place.  Continue reading “Cottonwood Gulch | Southwest Outdoor Education”

Zone Of Light Studio | After School & Summer programs

Summer at Zone of Light Studio is an explosion of creativity!  If your child has a boundless imagination, loves to paint and draw, or is simply looking for a fun, non-competitive environment in which to make new friends – check out our amazing 11 weeks of Summer Programs!   Continue reading “Zone Of Light Studio | After School & Summer programs”

Wolf Camp & The Conservation College

Welcome to Wolf Camp and the Conservation College. We are an outdoor educational institute featuring the Wolf Journey Earth Skills Training Course and offering summer youth camps, and academic year workshops and classes, throughout Western Washington for all ages. Continue reading “Wolf Camp & The Conservation College”