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Athletic Training & Team Fitness

Performance Enhancement For Student Athletes

Heavy Metal Fitness offers the most comprehensive group training programs for local youth sports teams and athletes.  We work with elementary, middle, and high school students, as well as college teams.  All athletes of any age need more than just coaching on how to excel at their favorite sport – they need the physical foundation and confidence necessary to unleash their potential. Continue reading “Heavy Metal Fitness”

American Martial Arts Academy

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Who Are We?

We help busy parents build successful children through our super-fun martial arts classes.  

With our instructors that truly care and super-flexible schedule, children build life-skills to help them grow up to be successful young adults!

How Can We Help?

♦ We help children build Confidence to stand up for themselves and avoid Peer Pressure.

♦ We help children build Focus & Self-Discipline for Better Behavior at Home & School.

American Martial Arts Academy 3♦ We are also the Perfect Activity for the children who don’t ‘fit in’ with other sports or activities. 

♦ We are the most flexible activity with the easiest-schedule for the super-busy parent.

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Why do Parents call us Placentia’s Top Summer Camp?

1) It’s SAFE! Our Staff is Well-Trained and equipped to help each child have a safe, fun time! Typically 10-1 Counselor-Student Ratio!
2) The Kids GO places! Field trips include Billy Beez, Park, Movies, Bowling, and more!
3) Kids have FUN! Each and every day!

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