Enriching Kidz: Empowering Pre-Teens through Babysitting Training and Beyond

Give your child a head-start with Enriching Kidz programs, the company specializes in providing enriching classes to develop important life skills such as confidence, creativity, and responsibility. With a strong emphasis on babysitting training, Enriching Kidz ensures pre-teens are prepared for real-world experiences. To give you a deeper look into what they have to offer, we’ve summarized these 5 insightful blogs that explore the world of Enriching Kidz. Continue reading “Enriching Kidz: Empowering Pre-Teens through Babysitting Training and Beyond”

Wealthy Habits

Wealthy Habits summer camps give students a competitive edge by teaching them to think differently about making, spending, and saving money while also providing them the skills to manage it properly. By the end of camp, students leave with an entirely different, and improved, mindset about money. Continue reading “Wealthy Habits”

Camp Stewart – Texas Overnight Summer Camps

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Camp Stewart Overnight Camp Texas

Since 1924 Camp Stewart has been at the forefront and heart of a movement across Texas to provide a resource and institution for character building and life skills to thousands of young men through intentional play and interpersonal/intrapersonal development in a sleep-away summer camp environment. By pairing quality, instructor-led lessons with fun and engaging daily events and activities, we strive to build positive, growth-based experiences for boys to practice leadership qualities and abilities to help them be motivated and successful in school and at home now as well as throughout their future. Continue reading “Camp Stewart – Texas Overnight Summer Camps”

8 Count Dance | Positive Experience, Positive Inspiration

8 Count Dance is dedicated to providing dance & acrobatic arts instruction in a positive learning environment that will encourage creativity and self-esteem. Each student will not only learn dance/tumbling/acro technique but valuable lessons that they can carry with them throughout life.

With our teaching experience, we are devoted to inspire, encourage, and support every student as they learn about dance/tumbling/acro.

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We strive to have fun and watch every student grow with confidence and dedication. 8*Count Dance’s vision for each class is for every student to appreciate and be as passionate as we are about dance and tumbling/acro.

Contact: 8 Count Dance

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