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Youth Program at Black Rock Bouldering Gym

Choosing a fun summer camp location for your kids that keeps them excited throughout the summer can be a difficult task.  There are many camps out there, but few will entertain, challenge, and teach your child all at the same time.  

Black Rock Bouldering Gym in Phoenix is one of those rare exceptions.  Their summer camp not only provides an exciting list of sports and skills taught and developed daily, but it also builds the focus, confidence, and sportsmanship of the campers.   

When you enter Black Rock Bouldering Gym (BRBG), at first glance the facility seems like a giant playground, one for all ages. Adults glance at the climbing walls in fascination, dotted with brightly colored plastic holds and reminisce of childhood days spent on the playground. 

Children look up at the climbs with equal excitement and envision themselves climbing, jumping, and swinging on inverted walls that tower above a thickly padded floor. Through their summer program, Black Rock caters to the excitement of the summer campers and teaches bouldering, assorted sports, and character traits. 

With an uplifting community, well-trained coaches, and wide range of sports, Black Rock Bouldering Gym is an excellent choice for children’s camp.

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About Bouldering

What is bouldering?

First, what is bouldering anyways? Rock climbing is self-explanatory in the nature of the name, but bouldering is a specific type of rock climbing that does not include securing yourself into a harness and ropes. Instead, bouldering is done on large rocks, or (as you guessed it) boulders, where a mat is placed below you in case of a fall. 

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In a bouldering gym, the floor of the gym is cushioned with thick foam mats to safely land on.   Instead of real rock, walls are decorated with solid plastic “holds” that come in thousands of shapes and sizes that are meant to represent different features that can be found on a real rock out in nature. 

Is bouldering safe?

Before you write off this activity as unsafe for your little ones, think about the local playground. When watching your child on playground equipment, have you noticed how natural is for your child to climb?  The very act is almost wired into all kids, and instead of restraining that urge, you can promote it through climbing!  Bouldering teaches your child how to be safe when climbing, an activity they are already doing. 

In addition, your child learns how to calmly climb down when they do feel scared or “frozen” from heights.  In the case that your child does fall on the mats, they learn how to fall safely and land without any injuries.   

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What are the benefits of climbing & bouldering?

Kids who climb learn to use their mental and physical strength in a way the can effectively get them out of difficult situations. While teaching your children these important life skills, your child’s coordination, and focus increases, leading to improved overall confidence.

When is the best season to do bouldering?

Another benefit to a bouldering gym is that it is a year-round sport. In Arizona, finding summer sports for you and your family can be a challenge in the heat.  The high temps are no problem for this summer camp, as it is spent inside with air conditioning on!  Bouldering at the gym, however, is a fun way to exercise as well as challenge yourself to learn new skills along the way.

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About Back Rock Bouldering Gym


Black Rock Bouldering Gym maintains a strong positive community from staff to members and guests.  Hearing encouraging words and cheers across the gym is not unfamiliar. The staff point guests in the direction of encouraging members to make connections with and build community. 

Many friendships and climbing mentorships have been formed at the gym, as like-minded people find themselves in close proximity doing something they love.  Events and gatherings are hosted by the gym constantly such as women’s nights, competitions, fundraisers, and more The youth program incorporates games and team building challenges.

As part of their mission, Black Rock’s goal is to maintain and grow a community which is welcoming and supportive, and so far, it is evident that they have done just that. 


One-on-one lessons are available at Black Rock for all ages, however, the summer camps also provide your child with the personalized lessons, they may not receive at other camps. The youth program provides young athletes with individualized coaching as well as group-based instruction. 

Experienced and dedicated coaches teach your child the skills to increase their climbing confidence and capabilities. Although climbing is the main focus each day, other sports such as basketball, football, soccer, hockey, yoga, are taught and practiced during the summer. 

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Measured Growth

One question with any children’s camp is “Will my child have the chance to establish and accomplishing measurable goals?” The coaches at Black Rock know the importance of setting specific goals to motivate, as well as encourage the climbers.  With a wide variety of routes, the rock walls are filled with new challenges for your child to complete.

Their coaches guide them to specific routes each day that will personally challenge them physically and mentally.  Coaches help students set climbing goals to pursue, and help them accomplish these goals. Some may take a day, while others take several weeks, but the campers and coaches always work together to realize their potential, reach their goal, and duly celebrate!

Daily climbing skills are taught by the coaches and practiced by each of the climbers.    This approach allows the young climbers to address their personal goals as they work with their peers in a team setting.  This is fitting, as bouldering is a communal sport and climbers encourage and help each other, which is also another amazing life skill to learn and practice.   

Building Character

Black Rock’s Youth Athletic Program has a vision is to inspire young individuals, through physical training and sports, to be responsible members of the community.  To achieve this vision, Black Rock implements a “Rock Star Challenge”.

The Rock Star Challenge gives the summer camp members a chance to earn raffle tickets for their sportsmanship, participation, and personal growth. One of the best parts of the Rock Star Challenge is that the process requires the summer campers to reflect (with the help of coaches) on their day and evaluate if they did their best in these categories. This challenge is just one of the many ways Black Rock encourages a positive atmosphere that is contagious throughout the gym.

Fun for the Whole Family

Black Rock is not just a top pick for summer camps, but it is a great choice for exercise and adventure for the whole family. To the avid climber and beginner alike, the gym’s size and amount of bouldering routes are impressive. The routes at the gym are updated weekly and have a variety of difficulty levels. The rock-climbing routes provide opportunities for all age levels to set goals and successfully climb to the top of the wall.

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For a unique climbing and fitness experience, Black Rock Bouldering Gym is your choice for the whole family, and especially for summer camp. Black Rock Bouldering Gym’s Youth Program will keep summertime fun!

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