Pryor Baseball Farm

farm training system

Pryor Baseball Farm offers 5 levels of training for players and coaches. Each is described below. Players will continue to train at a level until a player has satisfied the competency standards before being drafted to the next level. Welcome to the FARM!


Level 1 FOUNDATION training is for beginners ages 5-8yrs. Where the foundation is set for future development.

Level 2 DEVELOPMENT training is for those with some experience and want to train to excel by making all-stars, travel ball teams, or shine within their team as a leading player.9-11yrs.

Level 3PERFORMANCE training will prepare middle school players for high school competition and placement. We also train high school players that need skills sharpened for securing a varsity starting position and continued development to the college level.


Level 4RESULTS training is for those high school players wanting to attend college and play baseball. Advanced training and college recruitment placement.15-18yrs.

Level 5DRAFT training is for those players with skills and need additional looks and tweaks to close a deal. 18+




This class is designed for setting the basics for beginner players entering the game. Will have a high focus on Throwing, Catching, and Hitting as a stable along with introducing the other areas of the game.


A conditioning program that compliments the FUNdamental class for setting all the functional stabilization for youth baseball.


A complete course for achieving a great swing and get rid of those nasty disconnections that drag your swing and performance down.

Learn about the (3 S’s) SET, SEPARATION AND SWING! As easy as 1,2,3…


A Power program that compliments the DIY hitting for increased bat speed and power. Drive the ball an additional 50-60 feet and increase exit speed with improved hand speeds of 3-5mph.


Learn how to warm up to throw not throw to warm up. In addition, we will cover all the mechanics of throwing and pitching for a safe and solid arm care program. Learn to throw and pitch with NO pain or injuries down the road with AMP pitching.


A very specific program to help support arm care and throwing connection for maximum stabilization with this aggressive and explosive movement that has injured so many youth arms. We train and connect the dots with arm care and strength conditioning for long term success as an ACE pitcher at any level with NO pain. Get for position players as well.


This is an intermediate course to learn good footwork for ground balls & flyballs. Learn valuable position information and technique around the diamond. Become a DIAMOND player and never leave the field. Stop being a diamond in the rough.


Feet, feet, and more feet are the keys to a successful fielder therefore we must train the body to move in every direction quickly and explosively for the ability to be well-positioned to make plays.


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