Bash Sports Academy

At Bash Sports Academy‘s baseball skills camps, our goal is to increase the fun your young player has playing one of the greatest games ever invented.  Imagine days spent in the warm sunshine, with the smell of fresh-cut grass mixing with leather baseball gloves, learning to play the game better, developing leadership skills and enjoying camaraderie with old and new friends and teammates.

Our professional instructors have played at high levels, but more importantly, they have learned to teach the skills your child needs to become a better ballplayer.  Each day is spent on becoming better at both offense and defense, never forgetting that learning this game should be a joy, first and foremost. Bash Sports Academy camp games, rather than just drills, reinforce the teaching and feed each player’s love of competition.

Afternoons are spent playing sandlot-style baseball games where coaches stand back as much as possible and let the kids learn the lessons of playing on their own within a safe, supervised environment. Age is the biggest factor in how much the coaches step in. Of course, a healthy amount of adult guidance is needed with the younger ages, while the coaches take a more hands-off approach in the games involving the older players. That’s where we start to see leaders emerge and kids figuring out how to compromise and solve disagreements themselves.

Over the past 13 years we have had kids join us from all across the city and suburbs, as well as from England, Italy and Germany. Having served nearly 2,000 campers, our reputation is known far and wide.

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