Camp Pillsbury, Summer Camp For Kids Age 6-17

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Camp Pillsbury is an exciting, safe, fun, coed overnight summer camp for kids ages 6-17.  It is a unique sleepover camp in Minnesota that provides over 100 activities to choose from. 

No matter what each child’s interests are, they are certain to find activities that not only fascinate them, but help build their character, self-esteem, and confidence.    

Camp Pillsbury offers its campers the chance to fly on the trapeze, participate in musical theater, team sports (such as basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball), learn magic tricks, go horseback riding, tumble, dance, and play an instrument – all in the same day!

camp pillsbury activities 2Because each camper chooses the activities they participate in, they are spending their day with campers who share the same interests, helping form stronger bonds with new friends.

The programs and classes we offer put an emphasis on activities that today’s kids gravitate to. Camp Pillsbury offers Circus Arts, Rock Band, Musical Theater, Dance, Fine Arts and Crafts, Technology/Digital Arts & Multimedia, Team Sports, Individual Sports, Magic, Water Sports, Extreme Sports, Horseback Riding, Orchestra, Woodworking,  Vocal Ensembles, Cheer, Gymnastics, Role Playing Games, Archery, Weightlifting, and much more.   

camp pillsbury activities 3Our fully elective program allows campers to select all of their favorite activities and to also try new ones within our established daily schedule. Campers have the opportunity to develop existing skills and explore new interests. Every program and activity is open to all age groups and all skill levels where we meet each child’s individual needs and respect their individuality. Our day is comprised of 6 one hour periods; three Majors and three Minors. Majors are taken at the same time each day with the same staff and campers and is an activity that each camper has chosen to learn more about, get better at and be in the end of session show or exhibition. Campers choose three Minors each day that they can try once or repeat as often as they like. This allows campers plenty of opportunities to try new activities they have never been exposed to before. 

camp pillsbury activities 4Campers thrive, building on existing interests and developing new ones. They flourish and excel in the areas they become passionate about and self-confidence soars. They become better singers, dancers, actors, athletes, artists, musicians and even students.  Camp Pillsbury is helping kids from all over the world be successful through programs led by experts in a unique camp environment.  Our campers learn from the best to be the best.  They also form friendships that last a lifetime.

Campers sleep in dorms and will be provided with great food, fun, and friends throughout the summer.

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