Spanish for fun!

Spanish for fun! is an accredited full-time Spanish immersion preschool & childcare education program that provides a holistic, original curriculum designed to teach your children Spanish in a natural and active environment

All our locations have a 5-star rating from the NC Division of Child Development and Early Education. Our programs encourage children to be responsible, think critically and remain open for an intercultural dialogue while staying conscious of their own cultural identity. We provide your children with a variety of ways to play, discover and share.

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Spanish for fun! Has 4 different locations in North Carolina; Glenwood RaleighDuraleigh RaleighCary, and Wake Forest.

Can you imagine your child fluent in Spanish by kindergarten? Our daycare and preschool programs have been created to stimulate development through cognitive, social/emotional, linguistic, and motor skills. Some of the activities your child can enjoy are sensory stimulation, baby yoga, baby massage, music, environmental exploring, puppet shows, science, cooking, art, literacy, music, gardening, splash and more. All presented in Spanish.

Spanish for fun‘s Spanish Immersion Summer Camp is an interactive and educational 8-week day camp for ages anywhere from infants to 8 years old (depending on the location). We know that learning a second language has an infinite number of benefits including improved cognitive function, decision-making skills, learning flexibility, and much more, so we strive to bring these skills into our space through Spanish. There’s no need for a classroom at Spanish for fun!, all of the learning is done through fun activities like cooking, art, music, science, sports, etc. This is the best way to learn a new language because it’s the way we all learned our first language as little niños!

Each week during the camp, we will focus on different topics or themes that your little ones are bound to love. Here’s a peek at our weekly themes.

Little Chefs, Little Explorers, Little Nature Lovers, Little Picassos, Little Scientists, Little Creators and Builders and Little Magicians.

Contact: Spanish for fun!

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