Player2Player Frisco All About High School Athletes Coaching the Next Generation

In 2018, a creative Lake Travis-area business owner noticed that high school student-athletes are so overwhelmed with the demands of their grueling academic and athletic commitments that they typically cannot maintain regular employment. Jennifer Wright decided to connect these job-seeking teenage student-athletes with skill-seeking younger athletes, and Player2Player was launched. Fast forward to 2022 when more than 75 high school athletes in Frisco are employed by Player2Player teaching sports to the next generation of Frisco athletes.

Player2Player services include private 1-hour lessons and fun sports, cheer and dance camps and skills clinics for advanced players. Kids from Kindergarden to 9th grade can benefit from working with a Player2Player coach.

During a Player2Player private lesson you see confidence in the eyes of the high schooler coaching the sport they know and love mixed with the utter adoration in the eyes of the younger kid. Who better to help kids learn sports than the older kids who already play them?

Player2Player Frisco coach, Tyler Stout, is a student athlete at Wakeland High School and loves passing down the passion for soccer and the positive atmosphere at Player2Player. “The best part as a P2P coach has to be seeing the kids laughing and having fun during their lessons knowing that I get to help grow their love for the sport!,” Coach Tyler says.


Benefits for Both

Player2Player is based on a simple concept but has a multitude of benefits. Its core idea is to provide parents with a network of highly-trained, elite, high school-aged private instructors at an affordable price, in a convenient location, and without sacrificing quality instruction. Still, the younger athletes aren’t the only ones improving their skills. Working one-on-one with a student is a proven means for advancing sports skills and helping the coach develop strong leadership, organization, and communication skills, plus they get to have a flexible job with market-competitive hourly pay.

P2P Founder Jennifer Wright says it’s important to help instill leadership skills in these high schoolers. “I want teenagers to be out in the world interacting with adults, shaking hands, looking at adults in the eyes, not stuck on a couch or behind a screen. These teens are AMAZING! They have so much to offer the younger kids and are unaware of their impact on them. I want them to understand the benefits of being a leader not only with younger kids but amongst their peers as well,” said Wright.

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Passing Down the Passion

Player2Player Coaches are incredibly passionate about their sport(s) and love having the opportunity to teach younger athletes. Beyond the court or field, the high school students are gaining real-world job experience that is second to none.

Player2Player coaches are teenagers ready to coach the 14 sports offered: football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, track, tennis, golf, cheer, dance, fishing, plus agility.


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