5 Benefits of Being a Sportball Kid

There are no shortage of grassroot or community-based organizations that set out to offer positive sport and physical activity experiences to young children and youth. Subsequently, there is a higher expectation than ever before to ensure that programs offer quality and impactful programming to the many registered children and families.

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Premier Gymnastics | Premier’s Five Benefits of Gymnastics

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1. Healthy Lifestyle

* At Premier Gymnastics, our mission is to teach kids to become well-rounded individuals. Gymnastics is not a gateway to perfect health, but it does open the opportunity for children to move around and learn about being physically healthy. Continue reading “Premier Gymnastics | Premier’s Five Benefits of Gymnastics”

Nova Fencing Club | From Junior Olympians to International Competitors

En Garde! Ready? Fence!  Join us for our awesome camp experience.  We teach fencing using fun games and drills. Our campers learn basic footwork and bladework skills from experienced coaches, who have developed both national and international competitors and several current Junior Olympians.  Continue reading “Nova Fencing Club | From Junior Olympians to International Competitors”