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Mad Science is the leading provider of hands-on, interactive science enrichment programming for children ages 4-12 years old.

Mad Science was established in 1985 and has been operating in Maine since 2001. We are all about sparking children’s imagination through scientific discoveries. From rockets to robots, science can be found everywhere!

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Children are delighted and excited when they learn to explore and experience the scientific world around them through our lively, hands-on science programs. Our services have allowed students to cultivate their budding interest in science by turning abstract scientific concepts into engaging, tangible experiments.

It is our mission to foster an enthusiasm for learning and critical thinking in every student by bringing science to life!


One of the best things about us is our ability to partner with local schools, community organizations, businesses, and parents to offer exceptional services to children throughout our region.

We currently offer a large selection of fun science programming in various formats and locations throughout Maine and Southern New Hampshire. From Camps, Birthday Parties, Workshops, and Shows, we have FUN down to a science!

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