SweattBoxx Wellness Center, LLC

Eight Week Curriculum submitted by International Licensed Instructor         Mrs. Suzette Sweatt


Our programs use special low impact exercise rebound shoes called Kangoo Jumps. The program is designed for children to embrace and enjoy a healthy lifestyle via games, activities, dance and movement. The duration of each class is 60 minutes. Our purpose is to incorporate more health and fitness with our children. To help aid in the decrease of child obesity while motivating them to work out in a fun capacity while providing a positive health maintenance. 

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    1. Children ages 6-12 under 119 pounds in weight. 
    2. The Kangoo Discovery program is designed to educate children about the value of exercise in daily life. When children recognize the value, it can help to determine their way of life, habits, and focus upon the key importance of a wellness lifestyle. 


    1. Each week we work on different skills such as: coordination, teamwork, balance agility, positive esteem, cardiovascular endurance and more 
    2. Helps to improve spatial awareness, good body posture, self-image, and team play. 


    1. Reduced childhood obesity
    2. Increased motivation to exercise
    3. Negative energy refocused to a positive outlet


Kids love to bounce because jumping is so much fun, but most children do not realize how beneficial it is to their health. Statistically, more than one-third of children and adolescents are overweight or obese. Children can burn calories, tone all muscles, increase their stamina by playing and participating in all their favorite games. Come down to the Sweattboxx Wellness Center and “Have fun, Getting fit!”

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