Camp Little Notch


Picture yourself in a beautiful forest on the shores of a private lake that is so clear you can see the sunbeams shining on the bottom.
This is Camp Little Notch.

A summer home where campers can experience fun, friendships, challenges, and adventures; the chance to practice living in harmony with nature, each other, and themselves. Within 5 minutes of arriving, campers have half a dozen new friends who often become friends for life. There are so many things to do at Camp Little Notch—swimming, canoeing, cookouts, stargazing, yoga, singing, drumming, the creek-walking…the list goes on. Sleeping in a platform tent, watching the sun come up over the mountains, listening to the sounds of the forest at night all combine to make an unforgettable summer experience.

Camp Little Notch is an independent summer camp and outdoor center located within the Adirondack Park in Fort Ann, New York. We offer a 4-week summer camp program for girls, a 1-week program summer camp for boys, and year-round community events such as open camping.

Situated on 443 acres of pristine wilderness, including an 80-acre private lake, Camp Little Notch offers the perfect setting for outdoor adventure, personal growth, new friendships, and community building, and provides an authentic wilderness experience for all who visit.


What Makes Camp Little Notch Unique?

  • CLN provides campers the freedom to create a self-determined experience within a comfortable routine.
  • We offer the opportunity to live in harmony with nature, explore the woods and creeks, and practice low-impact camping in a beautiful wilderness setting.
  • We offer an authentic wilderness experience.
  • Camp Little Notch is a place where everyone can belong!

Campers are grouped by similar age and discover their strengths and unique voices as we support them through the transition to adulthood. Camp Little Notch connects children of diverse backgrounds with each other, positive mentors, and the land. We provide opportunities to develop responsibility, resourcefulness, wellness, creativity, and teamwork skills. Activities include swimming, canoeing, sailing, team building, ropes course, yoga, creek walks, wildlife observation, hiking, outdoor cooking, arts and crafts, music, overnight camp-outs, and so much more!


How do we achieve this?
Camp Little Notch brings campers of various backgrounds together through activities that break down barriers and create a community where campers value themselves and each other. We consciously and deliberately use a variety of tools to create a camp community in which we celebrate diversity, encourage community building, teach conflict resolution and communication skills, facilitate the sharing of traditions between people, and confront all forms of discrimination, prejudice, and exclusion in our interactions, operations, and activities. These elements are a part of everything we do and everyone benefits.


Harmony with others:
We are committed to working in partnership with low-wealth communities, communities of color, and people with varying abilities. We make sure our campers have the incredible opportunity to experience living in an inclusive community that represents the world we are striving to create.

Harmony with self – and others:
Many summer camps offer organized sports and structured activities. Camp Little Notch gives campers the freedom to create a self-determined experience. Campers are organized into groups that develop their own schedule with their counselors’ help. This type of freedom encourages creativity, builds decision-making skills, and helps young people take responsibility for their development.


Campers also have the freedom to choose independent activities. Most days include time for camper-chosen elective activities for campers to pursue personal interests. During elective activities, campers get to know kids from other groups in camp; learning from each other, and creating bonds within the camp community.

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Harmony with nature:
Living together at camp helps us develop an ongoing appreciation and interest in the land. We promote consciousness about the Earth and our role as stewards. Campers learn to live in harmony with nature through a variety of daily practices and opportunities for exploration and discovery. Little Notch campers practice sustainable, low-impact living and bring these practices back to their everyday lives.


Camp Little Notch is a place where the development of strong bodies, vibrant minds, and indomitable spirits is fostered. Outdoor activity promotes healthy living, reduces stress and depression, and increases strength, skills, and confidence. Camp Little Notch provides a supportive and positive environment with strong and dynamic role models where campers and staff have opportunities to challenge themselves and build confidence in their strengths through a variety of outdoor and adventure activities.


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