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Welcome to Camp Emerson, our summer home for boys and girls where respect for the individual is the foundation of true friendship.

We are proud of our reputation for nurturing campers and supporting parents. We do this by taking the time to understand each child before camp and then facilitating an experience that builds their independence and confidence. The experience unfolds in different ways for each camper.

camp emerson 2Our program may stimulate creativity, intellectual skills, athletic prowess or all three. For some, camp is about making a friend or feeling part of the group while for others it’s learning to take a risk and try something new.

At Camp Emerson, campers can be themselves, act silly and relax. And in the tradition of camping, we form strong personal bonds and live like a family. We’ve been Directors for a long time. We know the magic of camping – we watch it happen every summer!

camp emerson 3Why Camp Emerson?

We have a deep admiration to see each child succeed

Choice Program:

A total choice for all ages. Design a schedule as unique as you are from over 50 activities. Athletics, Visual Arts, Water Sports, Wilderness, Performing Arts, Cooking and our unique Step Beyond program of intellectually stimulating activities in science and engineering.

camp emerson 1Our Campers:

Bright, welcoming, kind kids who are good friends to each other, and still want to be kids.


No one matches our zany special events, “WOWs,” food, and endless fun.


We know all our campers. We respect them, solicit their ideas and truly care for each one. We rely on you to teach us about your child so we can provide a supportive and loving second home.

camp emerson 5Superior Staff:

Skilled instructors who are caring, attentive and enjoy playing with the children.

Partnership with Parents:

Each family has their own wishes for a successful summer. We listen and work with you to help your child thrive. Your child’s self-esteem and safety are our highest priorities.

Call us and tell us about your child so we can plan a great summer together!

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