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Camp Kupugani is a multicultural overnight summer camp focusing on diversity and communication skills in a fun atmosphere.

We unite children of diverse backgrounds and provide them with essential skills to empower themselves and build community in an increasingly diverse society.

Lifted Up camp kupuganiChildren from ages seven to fifteen participate in two-week sessions of our unique summer camp. While typical summer camps are relatively homogenous and do not challenge campers to stray from their comfort zones, ours focuses on addressing issues of difference and on building self-esteem and community.

The campers enjoy a fun, challenging camp experience, including activities like rock climbing, river walking, canoeing, playing under waterfalls, and night hikes under the stars, and special team building activities and games so that fun and personal growth coincide.

We exist for children as they are…so they imagine the people they can become.

In keeping with our core values, we empower children and have fun while doing it!  “Kupugani” means “to raise oneself up.”  That’s exactly what we do.  Campers of varied backgrounds live, play, and work together–the best teachers of instilling bonds of friendship and trust. 

Team Team camp kupuganiWe provide a safe atmosphere where they celebrate and appreciate themselves while celebrating and appreciating others.  We give them the tools to maximize their potential. At Camp Kupugani, children have fun while changing their world.

Our Core Values:

  • Excellence (Do Your Best)
  • Empowerment (Be Your Best)
  • Community (Show Your Best)
  • Fun
  • Safety
  • Environment

These core values guide our decisions, activities, actions, and expectations of campers and staff. Each one is connected and related to each other. They are concepts we live by every day.

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