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Camp O-AT-KA is a traditional overnight camp for boys ages 8-16 located on the beautiful shores of Sebago Lake in Southern Maine.

O-AT-KA provides a nurturing and supportive environment for boys to learn and gain independence. The camp offers superb land and water sports, along with a robust arts program located in an eight-studio art center.

For older boys, the camp offers a variety of wilderness trips that challenge each boy to set an attain goals, to take care of himself and his equipment, and to become the kind of person that others can turn to for support.

O-AT-CA 1Traditional values, an integral part of camp life, are reinforced by superb staff, through group living and daily camp gatherings, all helping to build a solid, safe foundation for life which stresses values and skills development, friendships and fun.

O-AT-CA 3We at O-AT-KA know the most important consideration in choosing a camp is its safe environment and qualified staff. Parents nationwide recognize the importance of accreditation by the American Camp Association (ACA) when choosing a camp for their child. O-AT-KA is ACA Accredited© which means we meet industry accepted and government-recognized standards.

O-AT-CA 2With decades of camp expertise, our staff creates a caring, supportive and safe environment for every camper. Our mission is to provide to every camper and staff member a caring community close to nature, where the body, the heart, and the spirit are strengthened through experiences that are fun and challenging.

O-AT-KA serves approximately 175 campers each summer. Members of the camp community come from more than 30 states and 12 foreign countries. Lifelong friendships are established, and camp is a perfect place for boys to grow into self-assured young men.

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