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Chassé through Summer!

Summer fun lasts a few months, but the benefits of dance last a lifetime!

Milwaukee Ballet School & Academy provides a mix of classes and camps for all age levels and abilities. For current MBSA students, summer classes are the perfect opportunity to enhance your technique for next years’ classes and auditions.

For new attendees, our and classes give you the chance to experience the difference at the official school of Milwaukee Ballet—Wisconsin’s only professional ballet company. Classes are warm, welcoming, and enjoyable in a professional atmosphere where the talent of every student is nurtured.

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Why ballet?

Ballet instruction is the foundation of most forms of dance. It teaches musicality and alignment. It improves balance, flexibility, and agility—even professional football players train in ballet during the offseason! Ballet class inspires dedication, discipline, and grace in our students. Most of all, it gives them unbeatable confidence!

Why choose Milwaukee Ballet School & Academy?

Established in 1975, MBSA is the only professional studio school in the Midwest accredited by the National Association of Schools of Dance. MBSA is open to anyone in the community at our four convenient locations in Milwaukee, Brookfield, Fox Point, and Hartford. Families who are enrolled throughout the school year are entitled to a generous subscriber and ticket discounts for Milwaukee Ballet Company and students can audition for professional productions like The Nutcracker and more.

Summer is a great time to…

Try MBSA for the first time

Enhance your technique

Learn about famous ballet stories in Dance Camp

Train like a professional dancer in the Junior Ballet Intensive program.

Children’s Division Ages 3–6

Traditional ballet preparation in fun, creative classes that emphasize coordination, rhythm, body awareness, and ballet class discipline through inspiring and age-appropriate activities. Elementary ballet terminology, positions, and movements are also introduced.

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Junior Dance Camp Ages 5-6

A mini-version of our full camp for younger dancers

Ballet class attire and an oversized t-shirt or paint smock, comfortable warm-up clothes and a healthy snack are needed daily.

Dance Camps Ages 6-9

Week-long camps based on popular ballet stories include craft-making, scenic and costume design, lessons in French ballet terminology, music study, choreography, and interaction with Milwaukee Ballet Company’s professional ballet dancers. At the end of the week, participants perform for family and friends to share their special experience at Dance Camp.

Junior Ballet Intensive Ages 9–13

The perfect way for aspiring dancers to spend their summer days!
Students who have completed Ballet III, Ballet IV, or Ballet V (new students, contact the School Office for placement information) can come to MBSA for days filled with dance.

Ballet, character, variations, jazz, dance history, nutrition, injury prevention, stretching, and strengthening are some of the classes that will extend your training this summer. Take one, two, or three sessions.

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Student Division Ages 7–14

Ballet I

Introductory course to MBSA’s classical ballet curriculum for students who have completed Pre-Ballet III or students new to ballet ages 7–9.

Ballet II/III

For students who have completed Ballet I or Ballet II.

Boys Class

For boys ages 7–12 who are new to ballet or continuing study. Boys focus on developing strength and flexibility specific to technique used by men in dance. Can be taken in addition to other classes or as a stand-alone class.

Boys Workshop – NEW!

A fun and focused week of ballet dedicated to boys ages 7-12.  Each day includes ballet class and variations (choreography from famous ballet stories).  Family and friends are invited to the last 30 minutes on Friday to watch a showing of the variations learned.

Ballet IV

For students who have completed Ballet III. In addition to ballet, students will explore character dance.

Ballet V/Pre-Pointe

For students who have completed Ballet IV and will be starting pointe work in the fall. In addition to ballet, there will be a specific focus on preparing for pointe work, but pointe shoes are not worn in this class…

Ballet VI/VII

For students who have completed Ballet V or Ballet VI. Class will include ballet, pointe (students must have previous pointe experience), character, and variations. Session content will vary, so register for more than one and dance all summer!

Classes for Teens and Adults Too!

Visit us online for a complete listing of Open Division classes that are fun, affordable, and convenient.

Shake up your work out and dance this summer…. just like your son or daughter!

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