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A lot of summer day camps serve only one subject (e.g., Drawing) and are too short in duration only being  2 to 3 hours long. Parents are looking for an alternative to all-day sports camps or being outdoors in the Texas heat. At 7 Notes, stimulate your Childs inquisitive minds with a full day educational camp in art, music, and technology.

7 notes robotics camp

Kids rotate throughout the day in different classrooms at our 7 Notes facility which offers three large classrooms, and children learn three subjects daily during a full day (9-4pm), Monday to Friday.

Professional educators teach in their specific domain, (art, technology, and music) which makes summer camp more educational than just child-care. Every year,  a new theme is introduced, so kids come back year after year with something new and refreshing.

For example, 7 Notes had a Harry Potter Camp in summer 2018  and last year,  it was Star Wars Theme.  7 Notes camps are held in the summer months of June, July, and August in 10-day segments.

On day 10,   the kids have an art & science exposition and music recital performance and invite the parents to enjoy.


Learn the basics of drawing. Mixed media including pastel, charcoal, watercolor and more. Art supplies included and take home sketch pad.

7 notes art camp

Critical Thinking Skills:

Lego Education, Rubik’s cube,   puzzles, and chess

7 notes chess camp

7 notes chess camp


Group Piano and performing skills.

7 notes music camp

7 notes star wars camp

Kids Yoga:

A lot of focus and concentration goes into our educational camp so campers break and spend 20 minutes a day to increase concentration, focus and attention span.

Watch our for our New Summer Camp Offerings and Early Bird Registration in January 2019.

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