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Tampa Bay Area Writing project Summer Programs are more than just camps. They’re a place to be yourself, be creative, and be imaginative.

Our programs aren’t remedial; it’s not about test scores here. It’s about expressing yourself and having fun doing it.

tampa bay 1From our classic two week camps like I.C.E. and F.I.R.E. to newbies like E.A.R.T.H. and W.A.T.E.R., we’ve got all kinds of amazing programs coming this summer!

If you love writing and haven’t heard of I.C.E. and F.I.R.E., where have you been? For nearly twenty years, I.C.E. (Imaginative Creative Explorers) and its cousin F.I.R.E. (Fiercely Imaginative and Remarkably Expressive) have been the premier writing camps in the Tampa Bay Area.

These two week day camps for 3rd to 10th grade give kids the unique opportunity to explore their skills as writers in a low-risk, high-fun, warm community that supports their creative expression.

For the older crowd, W.I.N.D. (Writers in Need of Direction) is moving into its third summer. For the 11th grade to college-aged, this is the support group of aspiring (and in a few cases, established) authors in the area. A workshop and feedback based course that meets Tuesday and Thursday nights at the USF campus, this is way more than a “camp.”

But those are just our existing programs! New this season is E.A.R.T.H. (Elevating Anthologies to Reach Today’s High-standards) our first publication camp! Meeting every Wednesday night this summer, we’re hoping to draw a journalist supergroup together. Can you imagine the best students from Newspaper, Lit Mag, and Yearbook programs around the Bay Area coming together to collaborate on a single project?

We can! That’s our vision: to give publication students a chance to collaborate, not just meet and compete like they do at FSPA. With a program packed with guest speakers, the opportunity for service hours and the chance to share ideas and techniques, this could be something to take publications in our community to the next level.

We plan to take our day camps to the next level with W.A.T.E.R. (Writers And Teachers Engaged in Revision). If middle and high school students are looking for a chance to hone their writing in specific and currently popular areas, this is the place for them! Our two programs include a week on writing a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style story and a week on World Building (inspired by YA author Kelly Coon‘s workshop at last fall’s Youth Writing Conference).

TBAWP’s Youth Programs are growing and we’re excited to see what our biggest summer yet holds in store.

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