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the alaska center

The Alaska Center is an award-winning camp program in Alaska that provides a broad range of outdoor environmental education experiences for students ages 4 to 16 from all economic, social, and cultural backgrounds.

We provide summer camps at the Campbell Creek Science Center and Russian Jack Chalet in Anchorage and Spring Creek Farm in Palmer. We also offer special winter and spring programs during school breaks.

the alaska center kids riding their bikesFor over 36 years Trailside Discovery Camp has helped young Alaskans explore and learn about the world around them. From survival skills to hiking trips, Trailside offers a range of programs to suit campers from ages 3-13.

the alaska center kids on a ropes courseThis year they have expanded their locations, scholarship program, and class offerings to help support and encourage every kid becoming a camper. Now with classes focusing on STEM and leadership skills Trailside is positioning kids to be effective and knowledgeable stewards for the Alaska wilderness now and for generations to come.

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