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Second City Summer Camps

It all started with children’s games. During the 1920s and 30s, Viola Spolin was working as a social worker at Jane Addams Hull House in Chicago, where her job was to help immigrant children better assimilate into their new surroundings. Spolin created a number of improvisational games that gave the children a hands-on experience at behaving collaboratively and empathetically. Spolin’s son, Paul Sills, was enamored by the games and taught them to his University of Chicago friends, where the true potential of these games to develop material and entertain audiences was uncovered.

The Name

Sills, Bernard Sahlins, and Howard Alk founded the theater as a place where scenes and story were created improvisationally, using the innovative new techniques. The Second City took its self-mocking name from the title of New Yorker writer A.J. Liebling’s 1952 book and opened its doors in December, 1959. Since that snowy Chicago night, Second City’s unique way of fostering talent and creating by ensemble has cultivated generation after generation of the world’s most iconic comedians, actors, writers, directors, and artistic visionaries.

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The Second City improv

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the world capital of the Entertainment Industry; The Second City originally came to California in the 70’s, and is now housed in the heart of it on Hollywood Boulevard. For 59 years The Second City has created a wealth of comedic material from a legendary group of performers such as Tina Fey, John Belushi, Rachel Dratch, Chris Farley, Steve Carell, Keegan-Michael Key and Stephen Colbert. The Training Center follows the traditions developed by these groundbreaking and innovative men and women while encouraging the continued growth and development of the art forms of comedy and improvisation. Today, The Second City Training Center is the largest school of improvisation and sketch comedy in the world.

The Second City Training Center offers a smorgasbord of classes for kids and teens ages 6-18 all year long! In addition to regular class sessions, summer and winter break camps are available. Whether a child is a class clown, an aspiring actor, or a little shy, they’ll love taking a class at The Second City! Students learn to exercise their sense of play through the very same improv games and exercises that are the foundation of The Second City’s unique brand of comedy. Various programming for children and teens ages 6 to 18 helps build confidence, enhance listening and communication skills, and develop their creative side while working as part of an ensemble. Fundamental skills learned with us can be applied to all aspects of life and will stick with students for years to come. Rotating class offerings led by trained faculty members include improv, acting, clowning, stand-up, musical improv, digital writing & more. Specialty programming is available for teens with anxiety or who are on the autism spectrum.

The Second City Hollywood is also home to The Really Awesome Improv Show, voted “Best Kids’ Comedy Show” by LA Magazine.

Saturdays & Sundays at 12noon • $5

The Really Awesome Improv Show

Celebrating an 8yr run! Fun (and appropriate) for all ages, 2yrs-200, The Really Awesome Improv Show features improv games that rely on audience suggestions and participation, is great for the whole family. There’s a rotating cast so you’ll see different faces and games each week. Great for birthday parties and family outings!

  • “Best Kids’ comedy Show” -LA Magazine
  • “Your kids get to act like goofballs. Highly recommended.” -Patton Oswalt
  • “Had a BLAST at this show. Kids (and adults) will LOVE!” -Susan Yeagley
  • “A most impressive, quick on their feet (and wit) troupe.” -Tolucan Times
  • “Had a blast and were laughing like crazy. Thanks, Second City!” -Goldstar

We offer a variety of classes for students, ages 6-100, at any level of experience. Whether a seasoned performer or someone who’s never been onstage, you are encouraged to take classes with us. Our students come from a diverse array of backgrounds, each with a unique accomplishment they wish to achieve with our courses. Whatever your reasons for taking classes with us, we are here to support you and help you grow your skills. Please do not hesitate to contact our offices with any questions or concerns you might have. There are many places in Los Angeles that you can learn the art of improvisation but we are so confident in our history, teachers, curriculum and our amazingly supportive community that we would like to give you a 15% discount on your first class, using code: FIRST!



Spend part of your winter break at The Second City in our comedy camps! Campers exercise their sense of play through improv games and exercises that are the foundation of The Second City’s unique brand of comedy. Teachers will work with these young improvisers to help enhance their ability to communicate with others and develop confidence in their own creativity while working as part of an ensemble. No experience is needed. Camps end with a show where the students show off what they’ve learned!

Monday-Friday • 9am-3:30pm • Students rotate through three subjects daily: Improv,  Sketch Comedy, Musical Improv

  • Camp 1: December 17-21 · Mon-Fri 9-3:30pm · $395
  • Camp 2: December 26-29 · Wed-Fri 9-3:30pm · $237
  • Camp 3: January 2-4 · Wed-Fri 9-3:30pm · $237

The Second City improv


Our summer comedy camps attract students from all over the world to learn improv, make friends, and perform on our stage! No previous experience is needed. Camps end with a show where the students show off what they’ve learned! Subject rotation for each age group listed below. Each camp ends with a performance on our stage!


Each day students rotate through two subjects: Improv, Musical Improv

Monday through Friday 9am – 12:45pm

  • June 17-21 · Mon-Fri 9-12:45pm · $225
  • July 1-3 · Mon-Fri 9-12:45pm · $135
  • Aug 5-9 · Mon-Fri 9-12:45pm · $225


Each day students rotate through three subjects: Improv, Sketch Comedy, Musical Improv

Monday through Friday, 9am-3: 30 pm

  • June 10-14 · Mon-Fri 9-3:30pm · $395
  • June 17-21 · Mon-Fri 9-3:30pm · $395
  • June 24-28 · Mon-Fri 9-3:30pm · $395
  • July 1-3 · Mon-Fri 9-3:30pm · $237
  • July 8-12 · Mon-Fri 9-3:30pm · $395
  • July 15-19 · Mon-Fri 9-3:30pm · $395
  • July 22-26 · Mon-Fri 9-3:30pm · $395
  • July 29-Aug 2 · Mon-Fri 9-3: 30 pm · $395
  • Aug 5-9 · Mon-Fri 9-3:30pm · $395
  • Aug 12-16 · Mon-Fri 9-3:30pm · $395


Each day students rotate through three subjects: Improv, Sketch Comedy, Musical Improv

Monday through Friday, 9am-3: 30 pm

  • June 24-28 · Mon-Fri 9-3:30pm · $395
  • July 8-12 · Mon-Fri 9-3:30pm · $395
  • July 15-19 · Mon-Fri 9-3:30pm · $395
  • Aug 5-9 · Mon-Fri 9-3:30pm · $395

What kind of kid is yours? Shy kid? Class clown? Smart-aleck? Get them into these classes that will feed what they need. They will learn improv exercises and games. No experience needed. Each term is 7 weeks long and designed to be taken several times.

  • Kids & Teen Improv (Ages 6-18) · Saturdays · 10AM-12PM  (1/12-2/23)
  • Kids & Teen Improv (Ages 6-18) · Sundays · 10AM-12PM  (1/13-3/3)

 The Second City improv


These classes are made available for homeschool kids, but everyone is welcomed!!

  • Home School Improv (ages 13-18) · Tuesdays · 11-1pm (1/15-3/19)
  • Home School Improv (ages 13-18) · Tuesdays · 1-3pm (1/17-3/21)
  • Home School Improv (ages 8-12) · Thursdays · 11-1pm (1/15-3/19)
  • Home School Improv (ages 8-12) · Thursdays · 1-3pm (1/17-3/21)



This Weekday Teen Improv class meets on Mondays from 4-6pm or Wednesdays from 4-6pm. You can enroll in one day or both.

  • Weekday Improv (Ages 13-18) · Mondays · 12-2PM (11/5-12/10)
  • Weekday Improv (Ages 13-18) · Mondays · 4:30-6: 30 PM (11/5-12/10)
  • Weekday Improv (Ages 13-18) · Wednesdays · 12-2PM (11/7-12/12)
  • Weekday Improv (Ages 13-18) · Wednesdays · 4:30-6: 30 PM (11/7-12/12)



Teen Sketch is a quick and fun entry into the world of sketch comedy writing. This is an exercise-based class WITH NO GRADES (woohoo!) that is all about generating ideas and exploring point of view while learning some terminology along the way. Homework includes watching TV, Youtube clips and writing your own sketches!!!! Gain enough Experience Points (XP) and you are ready to Level Up. All culminating in a performance for your friends and family.



Discover and express your unique comedic voice and develop your personal style as a stand-up comedian. We will focus on generating original material, building stage presence and celebrating your take on the world.



A class for teens looking to improve their on-camera acting, auditioning and self-tape skills. Students are provided with sides each week to perform but are encouraged to bring in scenes or auditions that they are working on. This class is designed to take actors to the next level of their craft, whether just starting out, or auditioning and working regularly.



Learn the basic skills of acting. Monologues, scenes & exercises are used to examine techniques an actor uses to establish a character. In this course, students discover skills found in the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the human condition. Exercises include movement, sense memory, personalization, objective, beat work and beginning text analysis. Learn about auditioning as well as working in the business.


  • ”She absolutely loved every minute of camp. I can’t tell you how excited she was each morning. She couldn’t stop talking about it or working on sketches. She will definitely be back next summer. You made this a great experience.”   – Irene Z.
  • ”Naomi was in teen camp and had a blast. She made new friends and had so much fun every day. Thank you!” – Bethany R.
  • ”Connor usually hates camp so I was pleasantly surprised when I picked him up the first day to hear him say, he loved it. Hearing his daily recaps of the day and seeing him on stage was really rewarding. Truly grateful. We will be back.” – Court P.
  • “You guys are doing a great job with your kids. Even if they are not actors, improv skills are so essential in life. Learning to think on your feet and just rolling with it have been the two biggest things my kids are getting out of it.” -Asha F. (parent)
  • “So much fun. I definitely want to try it again soon.” Mackenzie Hancsicsak (This Is Us)
  • ”Second City has been such an amazing thing in my life. I look forward to going to class…it’s a great environment and everyone has so much fun.”  –Kiernan Shipka (Mad Men, Sabrina)

The Second City Hollywood

6560 Hollywood Blvd. 90028


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