Willows Edge Farm


Farm Life Camp is a fun, exciting – and electronics free day – for your 5-14 year old child where they will be immersed in the daily hands-on activities of life on the Willows Edge Farm.

Every day of the week, Farm Life camp brings something new and at the end of each week, your kids will go home with useful skills and a willingness to share.

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Your child will experience; in a family fun environment, the different aspects of farm living, including, but not limited to:

  • Working hands-on with the animals on the farm.
  • We clean and prep barns, tack, and animals. Sometimes the animals get as clean as we do!
  • Farm-based crafts
  • Animal husbandry—the science behind animal care.
  • Kids have fun with different projects each day – AND week!
  • We work the earth…part of farm life, includes gardening.
  • New, exciting organic gardening techniques.
  • We play while we learn.
  • We teach about sustainability – making sure that our techniques of today, won’t harm them in their future.
  • And we can’t even think about not mentioning … riding time on a NORWEGIAN FJORD horse!
  • Last, but most important: Safety is our #1 Rule!

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