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Our Company Mission

Dancer’s Gallery provides a quality dance program that has a strong foundation in technique while encouraging artistic growth.

The program offers a diverse curriculum encompassing many dance genres. The dedicated student has the opportunity to become a well-rounded professional dancer.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that our students should learn the art of dance rather than just a routine. Proper training, etiquette, and discipline will give them the proper foundation.

A Unique Facility

A beautiful 10,000 sq ft facility complete with a black box theater, 2 stories of dance rooms which create breath-taking aerial views of dancers in action. There is room for everyone. A roomy parent lounge, a full-service cafeteria, and a family living and dining area. Once you’re here, you’ll feel at home.

CAST – A new concept

A career in the Arts School of Talent, a virtual school on campus where children can work on academics, work with professionals and take the best training around.

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