Camp Kesem

Kesem is a nationwide non-profit organization that provides free summer camps and year-round support services for children that have been impacted by a parent’s cancer-free of cost. Kesem’s mission of supporting children through and beyond a parent’s cancer, and our vision of ensuring that every child impacted by a parent’s cancer is never alone, can only be realized through an ongoing, steadfast commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in every part of our organization.

Kesem is the largest national organization dedicated to this unique population, and for many children, their Camp Kesem experience is a life-changing event–providing them a community of children with similar experiences, and a safe and welcoming environment to have fun and rediscover their childhood.

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It’ll take more than COVID-19 to halt America’s rich summer camp tradition. But if nothing else, the 2020 summer camp season has taught an old dog some really cool new tricks. Going virtual has saved the season for camps in states where regulations have shortened or prevented traditional offerings.


And we can show you how to do it. Whether you’re launching a brand new virtual summer camp or transitioning a traditional camp into a virtual format, our eBook has the tips you need to launch your program and get it running like a champ.

Within, you’ll discover:

  • Why going virtual is worth it—for both parents and camp owners
  • What virtual summer camp is (and what it isn’t)
  • Technology concerns to address ahead of time
  • When to go with pre-recorded videos, large webinars, or small group chats
  • How to calibrate camper time commitments
  • Guidance on requiring parent participation/supervision
  • Examples taken from a few real virtual summer camps
  • How to kick off your camp
  • A few final pointers to keep things running smoothly

This season, a great virtual summer camp can set you up for an even better on-site camp next year!

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