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Catapulting into the New School Year with IDEA Lab Kids Marvin & a DIY Catapult Experiment

My 7-year-old son is in love with catapults! He uses things I would not have imagined to engineer a catapult, and I love watching him rely on his creativity and perseverance to make them work! Use the STEAM @ Home lesson provided at the bottom of the article to build your own catapult at home with your kids and use the opportunity to teach them about the science but also the life application!

Perseverance and Creativity are so important for our kids to learn in order to succeed in life. We, as a community, are relying on these skills as we face an unprecedented daunting situation with educating our children, balancing our work demands, and keeping our families and friends safe. Sometimes, I feel like I’m being ejected from the catapult flying towards an unknown target! But, our creative problem-solving and perseverance can make the coming months easier to handle and provide an opportunity to make the best out of what is no doubt difficult for us all.

IDEA Lab Kids Marvin has responded with innovative solutions we believe can help our community creatively balance the demands on parents and children so that we can persevere through this school year.

We are offering a program, Bright Minds, which provides learning support at home. Parents invite kids from their own “village” to form a pod that meets in one of the homes. We provide a teacher who will facilitate the virtual learning that the school the children attend will be assigning to them. We keep kids focused on participating in live events and completing on-demand learning and assignments. We answer questions, help them schedule their time, and keep them engaged in the learning process, all within the safety of a home they already know and feel comfortable being in. We will ensure kids are healthy with daily temperature checks and self-assessment questionnaires. We will help parents disinfect high-touch surfaces throughout the day and practice social distancing within the home. This opportunity allows kids to have social interactions safely with other kids. The program is very flexible, offering 2, 3, 4, and 5-day options in half and full-day durations. We tailor the program to the needs of each pod. And to have a little fun, each pod will name itself so that we can have some fun games and challenges to compete against other pods throughout the semester. Rewards such as an ice cream party, pizza party, and small prizes will be awarded throughout the semester for pods that have the highest grades or complete 100% of assignments. Parents can have input on whatever behavior needs to be a focus for rewards.

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In addition, we are also offering STEAM classes that can come to you throughout this Fall. For an hour a week (minimum of 8 weeks), a teacher will come to a home or neighborhood common area and provide an hour of STEAM fun. If this interests you and you are willing to host the event, IDEA Lab will market to your community to help fill the class with 6 to 10 kids. Of course, if you already have that many children in your network, it can also be your “own” event. We have a variety of themes available, and we can customize this event to the interests of the kids.

Lastly, we understand that there are situations where parents don’t feel comfortable sending children outside of the home. We will continue to offer STEAM iClasses virtually. These can be set up with a group of children you know, or IDEA Lab Kids can fill the class with children who share a similar interest. From medical science, chemistry, logic, coding, and more, we can create the experience for up to 4 children in a virtual class meeting each week for an hour (minimum of 8 weeks). We provide the supplies needed.  Tutoring services are available as well for special interest areas or if you wanted to start something new with your kids, like Intro to Spanish.

Regardless of the choice you make, IDEA Lab Kids Marvin has the health and well-being of our families and community in mind. We practice safe measures day in and day out. It’s top of our mind, ALWAYS!

As we are “catapulted” into Fall, let’s remember that it is up to us to find creative solutions and persevere. We have it in us to make the most of this situation, and IDEA Lab Kids Marvin is here to help you in any way that we can!

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