United States Youth Volleyball

The United States Youth Volleyball League’s mission is to provide every child between the ages of 7 and 15 a chance to learn and play volleyball in a fun, safe, supervised environment. One of the main tenets of the program is to encourage children to do their best with their abilities. With an emphasis on positive reinforcement, the program seeks to build confidence and self-esteem in each child.

USYVL was founded in 1997 in Southern California with 139 players. Today that number has grown to more than 15,000 players annually, nationwide. This phenomenal growth reflects USYVL’s commitment to a healthy competitive sports atmosphere and the development of responsible individuals. Several of our USYVL participants have advanced on to play at the NCAA level.

What makes USYVL tick?

USYVL was founded on community involvement and support. Volunteer staff members are instructed on the best way to organize their site. The foundation of USYVL is the “Site” or basic community program. Each Site is headed by a Site Director who conducts the framework of USYVL’s philosophies, rules, regulations, and bylaws.

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Everyone Helps Out

USYVL is a volunteer organization with more than 5,000 parents, many of them working as coaches, assistant coaches, or administrators. It’s not unusual to find two, three, or more children in the same family playing at a USYVL site while Mom and Dad serve as a coach and assistant coach. USYVL can be a total family experience!

What will your child get out of USYVL?


While the program teaches children the skills necessary to excel in the sport of volleyball, the focus remains on participation, cooperation, sportsmanship, responsibility, and, of course, fun!


Strength, endurance, and improved coordination result from the weekly activity of the program. Furthermore, a season of league games is sure to provide plenty of exciting volleyball action.


Skills are taught using technically correct methods for peak performance and safety.


The USYVL is a family-oriented program where parents, siblings, grandparents, and friends are strongly encouraged to become involved. Parents and volunteers assist with coaching, registration, check-in, and equipment set-up.

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