Sandlot Camp Westerville

Here are the basics of what goes into an AMAZING week at Sandlot Camp Westerville!!!

● Offered to kids entering grades 1-8 the following school year, designed for developmentally appropriate competitions for all ages within that range.

● Each camp is 1 week, Monday-Friday from 9:15 AM – 3:45 PM (drop-off at 9:00 and pick-up by 4:00). ○ Plus, limited availability for an 8:00-9:00 AM early drop-off option (if necessary).

● Camp Director and “Coaches” are licensed teachers with extensive experience in both teaching and coaching. ○ Every staff member is hand-selected and will put THEIR WHOLE HEART into YOUR kids! ○ We LOVE what we do and want EVERYONE to have an enjoyable, positive, life-changing experience!!!

● We are not a glorified “recess” style camp, our days are highly structured with lesson plans involving activities that are designed to elicit specific outcomes — promote physical fitness while challenging personal growth in areas of character (sportsmanship, integrity, perseverance, and teamwork). ○ Each day we use activities, challenges, and lessons to help teach these values.

● Unlike most camps that focus on only one activity, we play a variety of games, take field trips (pending COVID restrictions), and fully engage every camper in character-building experiences that will instill confidence and teach life lessons. ○ Activities help level the playing field and prove every camper’s value (brains and/or brawn)! ○ By the end of the week, we want each camper to know what it truly means to be a leader, a reliable teammate, how to set goals, and how to move forward to achieve their goals. ○ We want every camper to realize that they are strong, important, and capable of accomplishing their dreams through hard work and perseverance. ○ There is no better joy in sports than just playing for the fun of it…we want to hear laughter and excitement! ○ We want kids to know it is okay to make a mistake, even with best efforts, just learn from it and keep going…daily conversations! ○ No one at camp is going pro tomorrow, but today we are meant to enjoy, and be thankful for, the abilities and opportunities placed in front of us! ○ The lessons learned at Sandlot Camp will stay with these kids for a lifetime!!!

General Information:

● Monday: every camper is placed on a team for the week, with their friends and/or siblings, per their choice.

● For the duration of the week, campers/teams earn points by winning competitions, demonstrating good character, wearing team colors, showing team spirit, etc.

● Each team has a coach (licensed teachers) who assists them during all competitions, field trips, lunches, etc.

● Camp always ends with Championship Friday, where awards are presented based on team point totals!

● If you need to get a hold of us for any reason DURING CAMP, please CALL or TEXT Eric Indiciani (Director) at 614-778-3080 — he will have his phone with him at all times, but typically does not look at email or Facebook messages during camp hours.

● We will post updates, videos, and pictures of the camp on our Facebook page (Sandlot Camp Westerville) — like/join our page to follow your camper!

Contact: Sandlot Camp 

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