Atlanta Workshop Players

About AWP


WHO WE ARE: The Atlanta Workshop Players is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, family-friendly performing arts company and film school conservatory.

WHAT WE DO: AWP provides professional-level training to challenge and inspire diverse people through extraordinary productions in a joyful, supportive, non-competitive atmosphere.

WHY IT IS IMPORTANT: AWP is more than arts education. It helps students reach their full potential. Here, we embrace uniqueness, live out our passion, make strong industry connections, develop life-long friends, and live life to the fullest. It is important because it makes a lasting difference in the lives of kids, adults, artists, and in the world.


AWP is working magic to create summer programming that engages students, activates their imaginations, celebrates their unique talents, exercises their creativity, and inspires them with stellar, industry celebrities and pros!

AWP has something for ALL AGES and ALL SKILL LEVELS!

COVID PROTOCOL: As part of AWP’s significant COVID safety policy, ALL students and staff will be required to take a rapid COVID test upon arrival at camp on day 1. AWP will arrange for testing to happen on site.  This will be free for anyone who has medical insurance. There will be a fee for those without insurance. All CDC guidelines will be strictly followed while at camp.

CAMP LOCATION: Brandon Hall School, 1701 Brandon Hall Dr. Sandy Springs 30350

Contact: Atlanta Workshop Players

Read More: Code Ninjas Windermere

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