Kenwal Day Camp | A fun Filled Safe Summer

Kenwal Day Camp is a family-owned traditional day camp where their main goal is to create a fun, safe environment in which ALL campers thrive.  Their programs are supervised by teachers and college students, ensuring exciting, adventurous, fun-filled days. 

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Kenwal is the camp where your child can start at age 3, in their “camp within a camp” program.   Featuring small groups of 8-10 campers, separate age-appropriate zip lines, sports courts, ball fields, arts theatre, and swimming and more,  these campers are still thriving at age 16 in the TEEN, CIT and EXTREME TEEN Overnight Travel Programs.

Kenwal day Camp image kids playing in bubbles Along their journey, campers will constantly be challenged in a fun environment designed so that all campers succeed!  Building their self-esteem, guiding them in socialization, and stepping away from their electronics is something they strive to achieve on a daily basis.

Whether it’s “old school” tetherball, zip lines, bungee trampolines or current STEAM programs and overnights, Kenwal is a place where campers are always having fun-filled safe summer!

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